How To Make Neon Colors

First, select any particular drab shade you desire to embelish with the bright, eye-catching glow of neon and set aside. It can be paper, an article of clothing, a pen, a crayon, a container of paint, etc. For larger objects, such as an automobile or a house, the process takes a bit longer and is slightly painful.

Second, make sure you are in a comfortable seated position.  

Third, place the desired colored object across your lap, making sure it touches both knees.

Congratulations. You have made your first shade of neon.

Unfortunately, neon colors only last as long as they remain in contact with your or another’s patellas.

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It’s Unlikely

Jake Courier lived alone. Maybe at some point in the past it could’ve been helped. Yet now his loneliness seemed like an exile providentially arranged for him by forces beyond his control.  Like some massive, unknown super galaxy mega-millions of light years away, tucked back into a remote corner of the cold, dark universe, its light blazing with infrared intensity incomprehensible to the naked eye, pulsing with dazzling, undiscovered and enigmatic brilliance, Jake existed. 

At least he thought he did.  

Outwardly, no one noticed him. Like dark matter or ether, to himself, he seemed to be just a theory. He thought he was real, but was his perception of himself adequate proof of his existence? “Cogito ergo sum”? He wasn’t sure. If he posed the question to someone else, the very act of asking the questions demonstrated, at the very least, the legitimacy and existence of another human being. They too existed. He knew this. Was his existence simply an existential projection of another though? Were other people existential projections of his own inner world? He doubted it. The emotional pain inflicted by others testified to the reality that people often did see him as a means to their own ends.

The likelyhood that a mind which contemplated such questions was capable of romantic love seemed impossible, if it need be said at all.

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The Gravity of Gravity

In space, no one can hear you blog.

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What Is Man? Continued…

Chatper 2 – The Conclusion

The world, and the universe for that matter, thus do not revolve around, well…me.

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What Is Man?

Chapter 1 – Back to Basics

Those are galaxies and I had nothing to do with them.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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